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Re: Right-Wing Teabagging:

Would you care for dressing?

After they’ve had their fill of teabagging at their tea parties, and have verily shot their collective load, what’s next? Salad tossing parties?

Would you care for dressing?

Apparently, those were not balls in his pants…

‘Merica’s favorite Ol Philthy Bastard (TM) has decided to take his ball(s) and go home ’cause the Democrats are being mean or something. So he’s jumping off of the SS McCain. Leavin’ his dawg all high ‘n dry. He’s bouncin. In a parting shot, this guy I know swears he heard Ol Philthy (TM) shout “screw you, you bunch of whiny bitters!” as he was getting into his car with those ladies from the Robert Palmer video “Addicted to Love.” True story.

Yea, yea, whatever. The question now is who can McCain find to advise him on this whole ‘e-kon-o-me’ thing on such short notice? I mean, I’ve got an idea of what it takes and if the pay is right, I’m in. If not, might I suggest he have his people put in a call to someone formerly at Freddie or Fannie? Just a thought.

Update: I know this is a repost (from that PAID version of H.’s Curve, but given the recent degree of ass-hattery on display in and around the U.S. Capital, I just thought you ought to know just how remarkably ordinary is their behavior. I mean, really, Pelosi talks shit about them and their leader and all of a sudden, they can’t find the stones to rise above and do what they thought right for the country just moments before. The fuck?!