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“Ok, ‘Jesus Phone’? Yeah, bit excessive, but the iPhone is…”

This morning I woke up about an hour and half before the alarms set on my iPhone were schedule to go off (at 06h45 and 07h00, as if you were wondering, which you probably weren’t, but anyway there it is). I expected to wake up before they went off, since I had climbed between the flannel  panels much earlier than usual, but, really, who cares? This is supposed to be about the iPhone, not the Curve’s nocturnal habits, so let’s move on, shall we? Aaaannnnd we’re walking…

As I was saying before some unctuously uncouth creature cut me off, I arose ‘ere the dawn’, and reached for (wait for it…, wait for it…) my iPhone *insert here MP3 of angelic aria or something by Lamb* It was still dark, but I knew I was up for the day, so I started it by finding out what the world had got up to whilst I lay ‘gently slumberin’. Having fired up the TUAW app because I wasn’t yet prepared to read the the hard news, I read through a few articles, including one by Chris Rawson I’d spotted yesterday: Buyer’s Guide: 33 things you don’t need if you have an iPhone.  What really caught my attention was a reminder that I had meant to download Stanza, like, forever ago.  Totally forgot.  Long story s., I clicked on the App Store icon, searched for and found the targeted app, installed it, fired it up, and grabbed some literary goodies from Project Gutenberg, which I was into BiP (‘Before the iPhone’).  Included in my morning’s cache were two books by my favorite author, P.G. Wodehouse.  Yes, I actually own the physical books, but this way I can have them with me at, basically, all times.  Wonderful.

This was all done laying in bed, surrounding by a darkened room, engulfed in the feeling of infinite time to kill.  That’s to say, peacefully.  Having done all this, my mind began to wander, pondering what I had just accomplished, and how during the BiP period, when a lesser smartphone was my trusted companion, I never  had the patience to do more than see what e-mails had arrived.  This started me thinking about the validity of Chris’ suggesting that the iPhone was, under certain circs., the appropriate replacement for not only one’s laptop, but also for the (over) exalted netbook.

Though I complain about the battery life in my 2G iPhone, among other things associated with it, I must say that it’s my own damn fault!  I use this device far more frequently for a much broader range of application than I have any other mobile device I’ve owned.  That includes my Dell Axiom and the Blackberry Pearl, both out of which I feel I got my money’s worth, mind you.  But the iPhone?  Oh ho ho! This is the device made real that I wanted the others to be. It’s my phone, my mobile source of news and information.  I wear it on my arm when I run, using it as my primary iPod now that it has usurped my 5G iPod, which now, like a technological spinster, rarely gets out of the house these days.  I play games on it, I follow the world’s comings and goings through a variety of apps (sorry Mr. Softie, you’re wrong about that too), and I use it to stay connected to my family and friends, to help me when I’m lost in the wilds of VA, to keep me on schedule, to be able to talk about the weather.  It makes life easier, or at least more convenient.  It’s proven to be a disruptive technology in the handset market, and could further disrupt the telecom industry, if done properly. I hope…

Plus, it’s got this super cool new music feature!


Apple! Don’t Let Voldemort Bork Your Handset, Or Taze Your Customers, Bro!

Oh come on! You know I didn't mean it!This past week-end, I wasted my time setting up two unlocked Blackberry Pearls for family members, and during this rousing process decided to add MMS to my unlocked iPhone – I needed a moment or two of telecommunicatory (I love making up new words!) release from the trials and tribulations of dealing with RIM’s bastard spawn.

So, on the iPhone I open up Settings, yada yada yada, blah blah blah, there is no place on the Network screen for me to enter the MMS settings! I know the phone is capable of handling MMS – I previously had SwirlyMMS installed, noted the enabled MMS settings, but refused to drop the $12+ large for the privilege of using something I should already have available to me. It’s the principle of the thing, man. Just because Apple has decided to hang out with the telecom Death Eaters on this side of the pond doesn’t mean that they should go all-in and act like Voldemort’s bitch. Or maybe it does. I mean, really. In my quest to resolve the issue (for, like, $0.00), I discovered through the power of Google that on some 2G iPhone, access to the MMS setting is available, on others, not so much, which translates into it being as easy to fix as pushing out a software update.

So come on, Apple. Show me the magic and make me happy with a little MMS loving on my iPhone. We’ll talk about you leaving Voldemort some other time because when I look in your eyes, I can see you’re not really happy, that you die a little death everytime someone questions why you two are even still together. You even got a new OS and upgraded yourself, but does Voldemort even care? “No! I don’t want to tether tonight! And no MMS either. I’ve had a hard day killing muggles and what not! Make me some dinner!” Apple, you don’t want that for the rest of your life. You deserve better than that. Don’t you? Come on, smile… Then leave his ass.