Inauguration 2009

Waiting for the Parade at the Newseum

Yesterday’s Inauguration of our 44th President was, of course, historic for many reasons, but it was extra special to me for one reason in particular. Seeing the 2 mile span of The Mall covered with a million people eager to participate in that historic event was awe inspiring.

Now it’s the morning of the first full day, and the real world requirements of the position must now weigh heavily on our new President’s shoulders, as they should. The burden looks especially heavy to me in light of the previous Administration’s lackluster performance. My blog, my opinion.

Yesterday, the market hit 14-year lows, which sets up the potential for strong gains for long term investors’ new investments  by virtue of the lower starting point. Or not. I mention this because of the parallel between the Bush and Obama administrations. The previous one was such a cumulative disaster that the comparative performance the new one has a strong shot at out-performance given its low starting base. Again, my blog, my opinion.

All the best to you, President Obama.  I hope that you and the market knock our socks off with solid upside performance that exceeds our collective expectations and hopes.


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